LED Project Management Services for Didveli, Bakuriani

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December 1, 2014
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Elevator Installation Services for Yalcin
January 15, 2015
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LED Project Management Services for Didveli, Bakuriani

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On a Didveli ski trail approximately 2.5 km length Georgian Mountain Resorts Development Companyintends to build ultra-modern ski trail lighting system based on LED light units and Pharos control system.

Project was divided in 2 stages. First stage– to install halfof designed light Capacity till the end of 2014, and second stage to install all designed light capacity On 2015.

System allows using modern entertainment color LED lighting structure That allows skiers not only enjoy night skiing, but also creates a Feeling of changing extraordinary nature environment. The same pharos controllers were used in the project of LED light for the Bridge of Peace, Tbilisi.

LED Light units skilight360that were originally designed for this project By Latvian company Neonita, and does not have any analogs practically used in ski trail lighting in Caucasus region or even in Europe skiing resorts.