Facility Maintenance

Saxon carries out installation and preventative and corrective maintenance of the following systems:


AHUs, DX units, Chillers, Boilers and FCUs. Our technicians are experienced installers and maintainers that work under the direction of a mechanical engineer. Installation is followed by a full testing and commissioning process and integration to BMS.


Electrical Distribution

This includes the installation and maintenance of high voltage transformers, medium voltage switchgear and low voltage distribution systems. The electrical team comprises of qualified installers and maintainers with government issued high and low voltage licenses The team is supervised by an electrical engineer.


Fire Fighting

Saxon has experience of installing and maintaining a fully integrated fire fighting system including alarm and detection (to BMS panel), central fire water pump system, fire water distribution, sprinklers, fire hoses cabinets, smoke exhaust and over pressure.


Building Management System

Saxon has experience in the design, installation and operation of BMS. A mechanical engineer specialising in automation oversees the integration of all mechanical and electrical systems to the BMS in order to optimize system performance and utility consumption. In addition to system efficiency, BMS is vital to the integration of fire fighting and security systems.


Civil Works

Saxon has an in-house team of experienced masons and carpenters that provide a high standard finish to all interior civil work including tiling, plastering, brick work, aluminium and wooden carpentry, concrete works and painting.


Elevators and Escalators

A team of seven technicians maintain  the 50 escalators and 22 lifts in Tbilisi Mall. We were fortunate that this team also installed the equipment during  construction and are trained by OTIS to provide a full installation and maintenance service. Saxon has a technical relationship with OTIS Russia to install and maintain OTIS equipment in Georgia.