SAXON Construction

Company specializes mainly in construction and installation of building engineering systems such as heating system, cooling, ventilation system, electrical distribution, sanitary systems and lifting equipment.

SAXON has built international well qualified team, for construction works on site, supervision and management. Also great support comes from local subcontractor companies that been selected and tested during the working practice in Georgia.

To implement high standard construction projects in Georgia SAXON established its own design department.

Designers of MEP systems are working strictly with EN regulations and rules. Only modern CAD software is used to get the design results that can be forwarded to client or construction team in a format that can be used for tendering or straight on construction site.

SAXON designs:

HVAC systems with linear Software;


ELECTRICAL systems with MagiCAD Electrical Software;

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SANITARY systems with Geberit Software.


SAXON supports BIM (Building Informational Modeling) – digital representation of physical and functional characteristics of a building. BIM is shared knowledge resource for information about a facility or building during its design and construction life-cycle. Using BIM allows company:

Save project time;

Save project costs;

Exclude design and installation clashes during project time;

Simple customization during project life-cycle

BIM also allows to provide high quality project management services. BIM based project management compare to traditional project management: